Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I've been having a bit of a count up of things I've written in the past 18 months or so, mostly as a way of reassuring myself that I do occasionally do something. Obviously, quantity isn't the same thing as quality, and frankly some of this stuff is rubbish, but I was still pleasantly surprised. It seems that in that period I've written about 150 poems, 40 short stories and 4 full length novels, not to mention a few articles. The strange thing is that I don't really remember most of them. (I assume that no one's wandering into my house and writing things for me.) It's probably no wonder I haven't been churning out stuff on the PhD quite as quickly as I did at the start.

Of course, now that I've gone through them quickly, I've got the slightly harder task of doing it properly. That means working out which of the various unsubmitted pieces are worth the effort of sending off somewhere, and which should be consigned to my 'never to see the light of day' folder.


April Boland said...

Did you just say 4 novels in 18 months?

Good God man!

stu said...

I should probably also point out that yesterday I started work on another, after thinking about it for a while now. Still, it hardly makes me Barbara Cartland. (My house isn't pink enough for that.)

April Boland said...

You put many of us (myself included) to shame.

stu said...

I don't know, your wordcount widget has been rocketing along quite nicely the last few days.