Monday, 10 March 2008

Not Stormy Monday

We were supposed to have storms and 80mph winds today, but while it was a little blustery, for the most part it was fine. Perfect weather, in fact, for taking my library books back. The local library has just reopened after refurbishment, and to be honest, I was a little disappointed. The place seems a little tidier, and there's a new self service option for taking out and returning books, but it's hardly a major overhaul. And, of course, the first time I used it the receipt caused a paper jam. I'm actually vaguely disappointed by the lack of gale force winds as well. Everyone was comparing this to the 1987 hurricane, but I can't remember it, by virtue of having slept through it. To be fair, I was under a general anesthetic at the time, but it does mean I have no experience of that sort of thing.

I have a job interview Saturday for a part time job that will hopefully mean I can afford to finish the PhD. It turns out, from the conversation I had setting it up, that I'm running into the problem of being both not quite qualified enough in things like office admin, which are kind of essential for these jobs, while at the same time appearing hugely overqualified thanks to the 1st and the MA.

I'm re-reading the poems of Sophie Hannah again. At what point does this sort of thing tip over into odd?

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