Saturday, 8 March 2008

My Short Story Odd-essey

I wrote a short story today; not a particularly great one, but the first I've written in a little while. Interestingly, it came from an idea that I'd more or less rejected a few months ago. I suspect the problem was that it's a slightly odd, quirky idea with absolutely zero potential for ever selling. I'd let myself get caught in the trap of trying to write short stories for the 'market', whatever that is. What it mostly meant was rejecting any idea that didn't seem commercial enough. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have enough talent and creativity that I can afford to ignore ideas. Anyway, I suddenly decided to get back to trying to write short stories just because I enjoy it and the thing came out pretty well, in a Neville Cardus does Lovecraft sort of way. For those who get that reference, I did say it was odd.

On the musical front, my picking technique has settled down for the first time in probably ten years. I've spent most of it going back and forth between alternate and economy picking depending on who I was listening to. Finally, I've got the idea that I should just ignore the whole issue and get on with it.

I've also read the first few chapters of Homer's Odessey, but probably won't be reading the last few immediately. I got it out of the library fully intending to read it, but then forgot. I hate it when I do that. I might just get a copy out of the university library instead. As a research student, I get to keep the things out for longer than my local library would allow. That way, even if I forget again, it won't be as annoying.

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