Saturday, 22 March 2008

M, M, and M

A piece of reasonably good news. After deciding to make the switch from e-books to real books, my publisher has got round to producing their first print-on-demand novel. It's by Craig Sodaro and is entitled Mom, Murder and Me. I'm rather hoping it does well, since if it doesn't, there's always the annoying possibility that said publisher might decide it isn't worth the effort and give up, forcing me to go through the whole submissions rigmorale with someone else. That, of course, is the peril of new publishers. Still, in spite of a fairly plain cover, the blurb for the thing looks pretty good. I've included a link to its page on Amazon below.


Andi said...

Fairly plain, but very inviting. Love that cover.

And how very exciting about the publisher switching to print books!

April Boland said...

Awesome - crossing fingers for you.

stu said...

It's certainly good that they're switching to print. As much as people might like the idea of e-books, it's still the paper ones they buy and read.