Thursday, 20 March 2008

Luc at what I can do.

In my (apparently) continuing quest to write poems based on hideously complicated poetic forms, I wrote a luc bat today. At least, I think it was. There's always a faint chance that I've written the instructions down wrong. Anyway, it goes a bit like this:

The first line has six syllables (not feet)
The next has eight. Syllable six of this line rhymes with Syllable six of the last.
The next line has six. Syllable six rhymes with syllable eight of the last.
The next has eight. Syllable six rhymes with syllable six of the last.

or, to count out the syllables with the rhyming ones as letters

12345b7c etc.

The really fun bit comes at the end, where you try to set it up so that the rhyme on the initial six syllable rhyme would work as the next rhyme. Got all that? I'm glad one of us did. All the fun of doing the crossword, plus you get a nice poem at the end of it.


Lisa Guidarini said...

When I see numbers my eyes glaze over, Stu. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Still, an interesting concept. I haven't done much work with rhyme/meter since college, save a couple attempts at haiku (which totally rocks, by the way).
Yet another reason I'm still a little intimidated by poetry.

stu said...

I'm not really such a fan of haiku. I've written a few, but the way they're done in English seems to be both too short and too long at once. They're too long for the explosiveness that they're probably supposed to have, but too short to go the other way and develop an idea fully. Tanka, where you stick another couple of 7 syllable lines on the end, works a little better for me.