Thursday, 13 March 2008

Foggy sort of day

Not thinking all that clearly today. Had a meeting with the PhD supervisor earlier. Was expecting it to be much more stressful than it really was. Somehow, I seem to have hit the stage where I'm mostly reworking things. Apparently, I'm not as far short of the required wordcount as I thought, since I forgot to take into account things like the bibliography.

I haven't really got any writing done, though this might just be the lull from finishing a short story and a couple of pieces of poetry yesterday. At some point I must go through the stuff I've been producing and work out what's there. I tend to forget about things almost as soon as I've written them. Revisions of the sequel to the novel are on hold for the moment. It seems almost silly finishing it off before I know exactly what's happening with the first one.

I'm reading about half a dozen things at once again. I'm waiting for one of them to grab me. So far, nothing's really standing out. Perhaps I should give the copy of Bill Bryson's book on Shakespeare that I got from the library a go.


April Boland said...

What are your novels about?

stu said...

They're modern fantasy/horror novels after the fashion of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher etc. Rather less sex than Laurell K Hamilton, but then, it might be hard to put in more.