Monday, 3 March 2008

Aphelion and Random Thoughts

This month's issue of the fantasy zine Aphelion is up, featuring my rather silly poem 'Industrial Action'. There's a link to the zine at the bottom of the page if you should feel like taking a look.

In the absence of anything approaching coherent sentences, some random thoughts:

Why does my spellchecker know fewer words than I do?

How do my cats always manage to appear when I'm making breakfast, no matter how asleep they appeared before?

Exactly how long should I wait on a reply to a job application before I write it off completely?

Why has my computer not been told that modern poetry normally doesn't capitalise each new line?

Why, on the days when I most feel like getting stuff done, is the rest of the world on a break, while on the days when I really want to take things easy, it's ready to work?

Why, having studied Latin but not French, is my Old French better than my Latin?


April Boland said...

Educated guesses:

*Computers will never replace humans (hopefully)

*Because they're cats

*Two weeks?

*ee cummings never used a PC and I hate that too!

*You are a writer and we are our own breed

*You were French in a past life. Way past.


stu said...

Ah, answers. Now if only I'd asked sensible questions.