Monday, 25 February 2008

Not Mother's Day

I am, depending on your point of view, either a loving son or a very scatterbrained one. Seeing the constant reminders about mother's day, I went out card shopping on Saturday, bought her a nice gift, and then realised on Sunday that mother's day isn't until next week. This was after I'd handed over the card, of course.

On a slightly less idiotic note, my local library's closed for refurbishment, so I'm taking the opportunity to reread the contents of my bookshelves. It's surprising how little time I have to leave a book before I've forgotten the detail. On the other hand, I can come back to some books years from when I first read them and remember every last thing.

(Warning, cricket related rant ahead)

I've also been watching the Stanford 20-20 cricket competition over the last few days. Apparently it's been broadcast to America as an advert for the game. I really hope not. The teams that supply a lot of players for the West Indies were all right, but a lot of the cricket was truly awful. Too often, the teams looked like club sides, with ropey medium pacers, non-turning spinners and batting that was neither inventive nor explosive. I normally stay away from comparing professionals with club level sport, because it's always faster and tougher than it looks on TV, but this lot really did look like they'd walked out of someone's evening league side.

(I did warn you.)


April Boland said...

I didn't know you had a different Mother's Day than we do in the US.

My boyfriend is from India and he is craaaazy about cricket :) I have not yet gotten into it with him. 5-day tournaments?? Come on.

stu said...

2nd March, or so every card shop in the country tells me. As for cricket's five day test matches, we're getting off lightly compared to cricket watchers in days gone by. They used to be without a time limit. They only acquired one after England had to abandon a match long, long ago because they were about to miss the boat home. The trick is not to sit down to watch it, but to leave it on in the background. Personally, I'd much rather play it than watch it.