Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I'm reading... everything.

Just how many books is it possible to read simultaneously? No doubt there's an official figure somewhere, or someone's tried for a world record, but whatever the figure is I've got to be close. The trouble is I'm quite forgetful about books, so I put them down part way through and promptly start something else, thinking that I'm not reading anything. I found a copy of Robert Twigger's Voyageur the other day. Now, of the 'do stupidly adventurous things and then write about them' school he's probably my favourite, but I still completely forgot I was reading it. Possibly I should start making lists. Or notes, since the main problem is that I forget what was in the first half of the book when I get back round to it.

I gave a short story to my friend Adam to read the other day. Since he's inclined to write longish short stories, he was quite impressed that I'd managed to write something that entertained him in 1500 words or so. Hopefully he's going to let me read through one of his in return. It ironic that the last place I submitted it rejected it on the grounds that it was too long.

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April Boland said...

I am the same way with reading! :)