Wednesday, 27 February 2008


A fairly down kind of day generally, despite it being the first nice day weatherwise for a while. No particular reason for it beyond the usual, but it has left me disinclined to write much today. Maybe I'll get onto something later.

I've been proofreading a short story for a friend, and it's good, but there's always the part of me that wonders if I should be quite so brutally honest about the bits I think need changing. I'm aiming for constructive criticism, but it can be a hard balance to find sometimes. Thankfully, there's not much that needs doing to this one.

I've been putting together a few pieces of love poetry for another friend to read. No, it isn't some sort of attempt to seduce her, but she heard me mention poetry to Adam and asked if she could read some. Fair enough, but it has shown me how little straight ahead love poetry I've written. I normally end up twisting the whole thing round and approaching it from some quite silly angles. The last love poem I wrote ended up being about stamp collecting.

In more geological news, we had a small earthquake last night. Actually it was centered on Lincoln, but we caught the edge of it. At 5.5 on the Richter scale, it probably doesn't count as big by any objective standard, but it came as a shock given how few earthquakes we get in the UK. It was enough to wake up everyone in my house. Everyone, that is, except me. No, I'm not that heavy a sleeper. I was just awake already, trying to think of a decent rhyme for love that wasn't either above or glove.

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