Saturday, 9 February 2008

Best Of

Well the first piece of good news is that my poem 'pest control' has made the 2007 best of issue of Aphelion ( proving that there's still a place in the universe for extremely silly poems. It started out as a nice, twee fantasy poem about sweet little flower fairies, but didn't quite turn out that way. It's actually the first piece of my work that I've allowed a member of my family to see, which probably sounds weird, but I find I get hugely embarrassed about my writing. I can cope with strangers seeing things I've written, but not the people who know me best.

One other person who's been seeing a lot of my writing recently is my mate Adam. He does some writing himself, and I've talked him into swapping the odd piece. Since neither of us is really a 'formal writing group' sort of person, this seems like the next best way of getting feedback and encouragement. On the short story front, it seems we have more or less opposite faults. I tend towards extreme brevity, which can leave things feeling undercooked, while he seems to write just a little too much. Hopefully, we'll each catch a little of the other's fault.

I read Graham Greene's The Third Man the other day and, while not as good as the film, I enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps because it was written originally as a screenplay, there's a slightly odd feel to it, a lot of emphasis on the character, but quite a lot of space where you might expect description of things happening, as though he was deliberately leaving room for the director.

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