Friday, 25 January 2008

6 Non-writing tips for writing creativity

We've all read lists of tips designed to help creativity and get us writing. Most seem to involve writing exercises, and if I'm in the mood to write them, I'm probably also in the mood to write something else. Instead, here are six tips that aim to get you writing without you having to write anything.

1: Listen to some music. Or go to an art gallery, (or to the circus, if you prefer). Expose yourself to something creative other than writing.

2: Buy some stationary. It almost always comes with the urge to use it.

3: Go for a walk. It will help clear your head, and who knows what you'll see on the way?

4: Connected to 1, do something in a completely different creative medium to get the creative juices flowing. Play an instrument, or start a painting.

5: Find a new place to write. Sometimes, writing in a different place will change the way you feel about the act of writing.

6: Don't panic, relax. Apparently, people are most creative when relaxed. Trying to force yourself to be creative can sometimes create exactly the stress that stops it from happening.

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